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Derek’s outBOX – 8/2/22

Derek’s outBOX – 8/2/22 We are having a contest to help us create a new logo for Volk Paxit. Due to some requests for additional time we are extending the deadline to Sept 1.  We look forward to seeing more submissions.  Remember, we are trying to avoid having the Volk logo or a box on... Read more »

Derek’s outBOX – 7/15/22

Derek’s outBOX – 7/15/22   The city of Biddeford, and their efforts through The Heart of Biddeford, recently won a very prestigious award called the Great American Main Street Award. Check out this terrific video and be proud of the city we work in.   We are having a contest to help us create... Read more »

Derek’s outBOX – 5/16/22

Derek’s outBOX – 5/16/22   Today is an historical day at Volk Packaging. Mike Allen was hired on August 5, 1980.   That was an amazing 15,259 days ago, which means he has broken the record of longest employment set by John Jeffers when he retired in 2014.  We will be celebrating this impressive milestone at... Read more »

Derek’s outBOX – 5/11/22

Derek’s outBOX – 5/11/22 I have Sea Dogs tickets for the weekends of May 20 and May 27. Reach out to Kara ( if you want some Sea Dogs tickets.   The chair massages were very popular. Everyone who received one really enjoyed it, so I am bringing Josh back on May 26.  Sign up... Read more »

Derek’s outBOX – 4/26/22

  The chair massage schedule is all set for tomorrow. We’ve posted the times on the TVs and bulletin boards.   Please take a note of your time and head up with a couple extra minutes to spare so we don’t fall behind.   I am thrilled that we received such a positive response.  I have a... Read more »

Derek’s outBOX – 4/8/22 RIP to Greg Milligan

  For those who have not heard, Greg Milligan, who worked with us in sales for 38 years, passed away last night during heart surgery. Those of us who knew him are devastated by this shocking news.  Greg and I worked very closely for many years.   He started at Volk Packaging when I was 12... Read more »

Derek’s outBOX – 4/5/22

  Thank you for your donations to Vladimir Lenchuk’s family in Ukraine. Through your generosity, we raised over $2,000 for Vlad’s family.  I am sure that will go a long way to help them.   Tomorrow our neighbor on Morin Street, FMI, will be bringing in some very heavy equipment. This will block off much... Read more »

Derek’s outBOX – 3/28/22 Special Baby Edition!

Some very good news this week, Newcorr has picked up some additional capacity which should allow us to bring in more board and gain some ground on our very long lead-times. Newcorr has purchased their new 110” corrugator but it will not be installed, and benefitting us, until mid-2023.   As most of you are... Read more »

Derek’s outBOX – March 8, 2022

CONGRATULATIONS to ALI MEHDI on the birth of his baby girl, Merna. She was born last Tuesday at 11:37pm.   She was 6 lbs. 10 oz.  Mom and baby are both doing great!   For those who have not yet heard, we have decided to shut down the Universal Rotary Slotter. It has just become too... Read more »

Derek’s outBOX – February 25, 2022

  I was looking at some employment data recently and it is pretty amazing. Check out the hiring graph chart since 1980!  That is pretty amazing when you see it in a graph like that. Also, I noticed we currently have 9 people who have been with the company for at least half their life! ... Read more »