Derek’s outBOX – 3/28/22 Special Baby Edition!

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  1. Some very good news this week, Newcorr has picked up some additional capacity which should allow us to bring in more board and gain some ground on our very long lead-times. Newcorr has purchased their new 110” corrugator but it will not be installed, and benefitting us, until mid-2023.


  1. As most of you are aware, Amy & I were blessed to be in Pennsylvania last week when our beautiful granddaughter, Charlotte Fern, was born. She is such a sweetheart!   Charlotte is named after my grandmother Charlotte Volk and was born on Wednesday, March 16 at 12:34AM weighing 6 pounds, 11 ounces.  It was a joy being there for her first week and we cannot wait to get back.   Mariah and Frank are doing a great job as new parents.





3. Mark your calendars! We will be hosting a Chair Massage Day on April 27. We will put up sign-up sheets to gauge interested and then work with the supervisors to establish a time for each person who wants a nice stress-relief break.

4. Speaking of stress relief, don’t forget to sign up for RestoreResilience today!


What is RestoreResilience?


RestoreResilience is a digital program that focuses on helping you manage stress, build resiliency, improve your sleep, learn mindfulness and so much more. It is designed to help you overcome life stressors and is delivered through the combination of personalized content, live coaching, a best-in-class app, and community engagement. (This is a private experience; your information is confidential and will not be shared with anyone at Volk Packaging and/or Volk Paxit).

What is included with RestoreResilience:

  • RELEVANT CONTENT: In the areas of work, productivity, stress outlets and anxiety management, mindfulness, self-care, and so much more!
  • LIVE COACHING: You get paired with a health coach who supports you throughout your time on the program. You can reach out to them through texting and calls.
  • HEALTH PILLARS: Stress, sleep, exercise, and nutrition are addressed. You receive the content that is most relevant to your particular needs.
  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT: With peer-to-peer social interaction, you can find community in shared experiences and shared goals.
  • EASY-TO-USE APP: The program is delivered on an app with simple goal tracking, engaging features, and relaxation sections. …AND MUCH MORE!

Please take advantage of this great opportunity by signing up today!


5. Released by the State Department: On Monday, The White House held a cybersecurity press briefing with the Deputy National Security Advisor (NSA) for Cyber and Emerging Technologies, who urged “private sector partners to take immediate action to shore up their defenses against potential cyberattacks.” This comes after earlier warnings from The White House for heightened awareness surrounding Russian cyberattacks.

The press briefing discussed evolving threat intelligence that Russia is exploring options for potential cyberattacks on the U.S. and its critical infrastructure. The potential malicious cyber activity is thought to be in response to the economic sanctions the U.S. has imposed on Russia. The NSA urged business leaders at all domestic organizations to take action to help protect the services that millions of Americans rely on against Russian state-sponsored malicious cyber activity stating, “Lock your digital doors.”

For more information click here

6. Most of you don’t remember him, but for 20 years we had an employee named Vladimir Lenchuk. Vlad worked in several positions during his time at VPC and only left because he has family down south that they wanted to be closer to.   We all loved him and several of us stay in touch with him.  I talked to Vlad last week and he was telling me that he still has family in Ukraine.  They are in terrible fear and worried about basic things like food and shelter as the Russians continue to destroy their country.  I am asking everyone to make a monetary donation (if you are comfortable doing so) to help Vladimir support his family in Ukraine.  As stressful and crazy as things can get around here, compared to the folks in Ukraine we are living in Disney World.  Whatever you can do would be appreciated.

From Vlad:  My brother-in-law family lives in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Currently they have no jobs, due to the war, and factories that they worked close down.  The men are working on building fortifications to protect their city from the invading Russians.   Below are pictures of my family celebrating Christmas.  My brother-in-law’s name is Roman Buryak, and his wife is Alena.  Their son is Alexander.

We will be having a Spring cookout on March 31 where we will have a donation box.  Please consider helping Vladimir’s family.  Your donation could literally save their lives.