Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture at Volk Packaging – Working Hard and Playing Hard

At VPC, we take our role as a good corporate citizen seriously. Our corporate culture is one based on giving back to our employees and supporting our community; whether through charitable donations, team-building activities for employees and their families, or volunteering at community programs, VPC is dedicated to public-spirited endeavors. We are CARING:







  • We spoil them intentionally

  • We know our customers like family

  • Every order matters

  • Empowered to make the best decisions to serve our clients

  • Loyalty to our teammates

  • Serving a greater purpose

  • We make it happen for our clients

  • The future is ours to determine

  • Priority #1 is the safety of our team

  • Wear the client's moccasins

  • Actively listen to our teammates, industry peers, and clients

  • Recognize excellence

  • Value the diverse ideas of our team


  • We always do what is right: legally, morally, and ethically

  • Speak and Act with candor, courage, and respect

  • Humility is more valued than Pride

  • Collectively celebrate our successes

  • Be a fun place to work for all

  • Hire for attitude; train for skill

  • Match people to their passions

  • Share the vision; harvest the goals

  • Differentiate and award superior performance

  • Our leaders mentor, coach, and develop

  • Never stop improving