Derek’s outBOX – 5/11/22

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Derek’s outBOX – 5/11/22

  1. I have Sea Dogs tickets for the weekends of May 20 and May 27. Reach out to Kara ( if you want some Sea Dogs tickets.


  1. The chair massages were very popular. Everyone who received one really enjoyed it, so I am bringing Josh back on May 26.  Sign up sheets are posted by the back door in the plant and in the office copy room. I can also send him to Paxit if there is an interest in Sanford.


  1. For those of you who don’t know, we have been doing a series of videos called Box Talks since 2011. Each video is 30 seconds to 2 minutes and they tell the viewer a little more about Volk Packaging, provide information on our companies, or answer common questions customers ask.  If anyone would be interested in doing a Box Talk, please reach out to Kara and we’d love to have you record one.  Don’t worry, they are edited so you don’t have to get it perfect in one take.  😊


This is the very first Box Talk we ever did, and it still rings true –