Derek’s outBOX – 4/5/22

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  1. Thank you for your donations to Vladimir Lenchuk’s family in Ukraine. Through your generosity, we raised over $2,000 for Vlad’s family.  I am sure that will go a long way to help them.


  1. Tomorrow our neighbor on Morin Street, FMI, will be bringing in some very heavy equipment. This will block off much of Morin Street for the day so please plan to enter the industrial park from the Route 1 entrance on Drapeau Street.



  1. Our Volk Paxit website went live last week. You can view the website and a few promotional videos by going to  We recently promoted Corey Laplume to our full-time Paxit sales representative.   We have great optimism for what Corey can do with this terrific opportunity!

4. Lastly, April is Earth Month and corrugated is the most recycled material on planet Earth!