Derek’s outBOX – 8/2/22

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Derek’s outBOX – 8/2/22

  1. We are having a contest to help us create a new logo for Volk Paxit. Due to some requests for additional time we are extending the deadline to Sept 1.  We look forward to seeing more submissions.  Remember, we are trying to avoid having the Volk logo or a box on the logo so it is more independent of VPC.  By the way, Corey is doing a great job as our Paxit sales rep and things are really starting to heat up down there.   Since most of Paxit’s projects require boxes, it is great news for Volk Packaging as well.


  1. Russell has closed several major accounts in the last couple of weeks so, if you can believe it, you’ll be seeing even more XXX and YYY boxes coming through in the next few months!


  1. Jimmy Williams is due to have a baby soon so there will be a baby pool going around. You can also send with your guess for date and time of the baby’s arrival.


  1. CORNHOLE TOURNAMENT!! We are having a cornhole tournament so be sure to find a teammate and sign up.  We are hoping to do it in late August if we get enough teams.


  1. I read a great book called The Psychology of Money. Everyone would benefit from reading it.  In an attempt to encourage you all to read it, we will be putting it out by chapters every couple of weeks. This week is the Introduction and Chapter 1 (about 20 pages).  Read it and answer the 10 questions at the back of the chapter for $10.  Submit your quiz in the boxes we will put in the break rooms or give it to Kara.  We will give $10 for everyone who completes what we put out.   When you finish the whole book, we’ll give you another $25 as a completion bonus.


  1. People have been asking about another skydiving I am planning one for September 10.  Let me know if you would like to join us!