Derek’s outBOX – 4/26/22

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  1. The chair massage schedule is all set for tomorrow. We’ve posted the times on the TVs and bulletin boards.   Please take a note of your time and head up with a couple extra minutes to spare so we don’t fall behind.   I am thrilled that we received such a positive response.  I have a feeling he’ll be back soon.
  1. Russell Schmelzer was talking to the buyer at XXXX Customer yesterday. He said they have a lot more business for us, so Russ asked him, “On a scale from 1 to 10, how are we doing as a supplier?”

The buyer said, “So, is 10 the highest?”

Russ said it was.

He said, “Then I’d give you an 11.   You are the best vendor we have.”

Russ was obviously very excited and wanted me to share that story with everyone because he knows it is a total team effort to get that kind of reply.  He thanks you and so do I!

  1. Okay, believe it or not, I heard from a reliable source on Friday that there is another paper increase underway by the big paper companies. The sales reps are not happy as that would be the 6th increase in less than 18 months!  I’ll just say this, elections have consequences.
  1. I have put a box in the cafeteria for the Breaking Bread sign up sheets. If you didn’t get one there are some near the door or I can get more printed.   I look forward to grabbing a meal with you and getting to know you better.
  1. There are only a couple of weeks left to apply for a moose permit. Let me know if you need help signing up.