Derek’s outBOX – 7/15/22

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Derek’s outBOX – 7/15/22


  1. The city of Biddeford, and their efforts through The Heart of Biddeford, recently won a very prestigious award called the Great American Main Street Award. Check out this terrific video and be proud of the city we work in.


  1. We are having a contest to help us create a new logo for Volk Paxit. All of the information will be on the email as well as the TVs.  Gather up your creative juices for a chance to win $250!


  1. I worked on a big bid for Pentair this week. One of the questions they asked was, “If an incumbent, what is our record of quality?”  I looked up the data and it is very impressive!  Since 2018, we have made 1,911,785 boxes for Pentair in Dover, NH.  We have issued 2 credits in that time.  One was in Sept ’18 for 40 boxes with a glue issue. The other was in Dec ’18 for 170 boxes that had some damage during shipment.  We have had no quality issues since then.  That is a rejection rate over the past 4 ½ years of 0.0001%!!   Amazing!  Thank you all for making it a lot easier to retain their business.


  1. I know it seems like we are really slow lately but keep in mind that, this July, we are averaging 33% over pre-COVID levels. July is always the slowest month of the year, so given how insane things have been for 2 years, it does feel like we are much slower.  The good news is that we have not lost any major accounts (except Penobscot McCrum because of their fire), so all is fine.


  1. The annual 5-Year Club party will be on Sunday afternoon, September 18 this year. With all the weddings that were postponed due to COVID, it was very challenging finding a venue and the tents were all booked.   Invitations will be out shortly, but please save the date if you have been here at least 5 years.  We hope all who qualify will be able to attend so I can show you how much I appreciate you.


  1. I gave a tour to some customers a couple of weeks ago during our BOX 101 Class. After the tour one of the customers remarked, “This is not just a box company, it is an experience.”   What an awesome compliment to the company and everyone that works here.




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