Derek’s outBOX – September 9, 2021

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  1. For those of you attending the 5 Year Club party on Saturday, we would request that you and your guest take a COVID test that morning. Unfortunately, many stores have a limit of one set of tests per person, and stock is still running low, so we only have a couple dozen test kits.  See Tori or Atoka to find out what we have available, or you can buy one at your local pharmacy or Walmart if you can find one.  We will reimburse you if you bring us the receipt. We understand that everyone will not get tested but whoever does will limit the potential exposure of others.  If you are experiencing a headache, dizziness or any cold symptoms whatsoever, please get tested or consider staying home. The event is outdoors, and the risk of transmission is very low, but we are all better safe than sorry.   A quick 15-minute home COVID test will help protect everyone’s safety.   If you need help with the test, call Amy at 229-5091 and she can walk you through it.


  1. Following this year’s 5 Year Club party, which will be held in the back yard at Volk Packaging, we plan to have a bonfire starting at 8:30. Everyone is invited to the bonfire even if you have been with us less than 5 years. Grab a lawn chair and come on over to hang out.  Obviously, the bonfire is weather and Biddeford Fire Department permitting.  We have to get the permit on Saturday so I will send out a notice either way via email and Marco Polo.


  1. The new feed section has been installed on the JS Flexo, and we have seen some improvements. The Chinese are still tweaking things, so I am not ready to call it a success yet. They will be at Volk Packaging for another 3 weeks. Until that time, please continue to wear your masks and to stay away from the JS unless working on it.