Derek’s outBOX – September 3, 2021

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  1. We had a good meeting with the solar people yesterday. The project is now officially underway.   We expect they will begin installing solar panels in a month or so.


  1. As I mentioned a couple of days ago, we have a new Worker’s Comp provider. We are in what is called a Group trust that is made up of a couple dozen Maine businesses like Volk Packaging.  One of the requirements of the new Group is to have an active Safety Committee.   We had one for a while, but COVID shut it down.   The Safety Committee will meet once a month, for 30 minutes during lunch.   We will provide lunch.  If anyone has an interest in being on the Safety Committee, please let me know or tell your supervisor.


  1. We desperately need operators. I realize there is a lot more pressure to be an operator but there is more money as well.  We are working on making that incentive even greater.   If you would be willing to train to be an operator, please tell your supervisor.  We simply cannot keep up with the volume of business we have if we do not have enough machine operators.


  1. For those of you attending the 5 Year Club party next Saturday, we would request that you and your guest take a COVID test that morning. We have some over-the-counter tests available, or you can buy one at your local pharmacy.  We will reimburse you, so just bring us the receipt if you buy one yourself.  The event is outdoors, and the risk of transmission is very low, but we are all better safe than sorry.   A quick 15-minute home COVID test will help protect everyone’s safety.


  1. Following this year’s 5 Year Club party, which will be held in the back yard at Volk Packaging, we will be having a bonfire. Everyone is invited to the bonfire even if you have been with us less than 5 years and it will start around 8:30pm. Grab a lawn chair and come on over to hang out.  Obviously, the bonfire is weather permitting.


  1. Saturday, September 11 is the kick-off (pun intended) of the 30th Annual VPC Football Pool. Again, this is open to anyone, including VPC family and friends.   It is $20 for the entire season and is a lot of fun.   Let me know if you would like to play.


  1. We still have a couple spots for next Sunday’s (Sept 12) skydiving event at Skydive New England in Lebanon, ME. Let me know if you would like to join me for an exciting 14,000-foot fall from the sky!  😊

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