Derek’s outBOX – September 1, 2021

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  1. Congratulations to Cindy Jackson on her upcoming retirement from Volk Packaging. After 15 years of exceptional work as a customer service rep, Cindy is off to her home up north for the next phase of her life.  We will all miss her, as will the customers who have come to depend on her.   Please join me in wishing her well and enjoy this fun retirement video.
  1. Today we began working with a new Worker’s Compensation provider. We have joined a Group Trust which includes several of our amazing customers.  Had we not made a change, our WC insurance was going up over $50,000!   Some of that is because we have a lot more people than we did last year, but the bulk of the increase is because our MOD rate (the number that determines your safety environment and how likely it is that you will have a claim) stinks.  This is a cost that sucks money right off the bottom line, and impacts everything we do, including things like bonuses.   So, what can you do?
  • We need to make boxes, lots of them, quickly. However, safety shortcuts should never be taken just to complete an order faster.  Nothing is more important than everyone going home at the end of the day just as healthy as when they walked in.
  • Please, be careful. Keep your eyes and ears open for possible dangers around you.
  • Use good judgement. Follow our safety guidelines, procedures, and protocols.  If you do not know how to accomplish a task safely, seek guidance from a supervisor.
  • If you cannot do something safely, please, do not do it. Ask a supervisor for help.
  • Watch out for your co-workers. We are all in this together. If your co-worker is doing something that is unsafe, let them know what they need to do to be safe.
  • Keep yourself healthy. Staying healthy outside of work will keep you safer at work.
  • Know our safety rules. If you don’t know them, ask for a copy.