Derek’s outBOX – October 29, 2021

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  • Congratulations to Final Olympic Champions and thanks to all who participated. Glorijane Winslow remains the most decorated Corrugated Olympian with 24 total medals. Dan Brochu comes in second with 22 and Mel Sheridan has 21 Olympic Medals with retired Olympian Cindy Jackson at 20.. Dan Brochu is still the all-time leader in Gold Medals with 12. As always, the VPC Corrugated Olympics was a lot of fun.   More photos on our Facebook & Instagram pages.  Because of COVID’s delay, we will be doing it again in 2022 as we hold our Winter Olympics in February!

Corrugated Golf Putting Medalists

Corrugated Yahtzee Medalists

  • Congratulations to all the Halloween costume participants, especially the winners Maritza Guillerault as Black Friday and Atoka Dumont as Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians.

Maritza Guillerault and Atoka Dumont

Mel Sheridan, Chloe Melton, Amy Orr, Renee LeBlond, Derek Volk, Glorijane Winslow, Libby Patane, Maritza Guillerault, Atoka Dumont, Samantha Harden with Nova and Ammo.
  • LOST AND FOUND: Today we found a cell phone and we found a Mac Pro Laptop in the front lobby conference room. They are in my office if you think either might be yours.
  • Last night I was honored by the Manufacturer’s Association of Maine when they inducted me into their Manufacturer’s Hall of Fame. My speech can be seen on the Volk Packaging Fans Facebook page.  I will also email it when this is sent out. Links to the video: Facebook   or on YouTube   
  • Sales continue to be incredibly strong with Wednesday, October 27 as the biggest single shipping day ever. We now have recorded 9 of the top 10 shipping days ever in 2021 and the 10th in 2020.  This growth is very exciting, but I also do understand the stress it is causing.   I promise you that I realize the difficulties all those sales cause and I am working on several ideas to help alleviate the stress, not the least of which is how hard Atoka and Tori have been working to bring on new hires.
  • Lastly, if you missed the sign-up for either a $30 grocery gift card, a turkey breast or a ham for Christmas, please email Amy directly at