Derek’s outBOX – October 1, 2021

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  1. Our PTO (Paid Time Off) policy will be the same as last year. Any unused PTO will be paid to you sometime in January after we have all the data tabulated.  As of January 1, everyone will have their time front-loaded with 40 hours of PTO to be used in 2022.


  1. We are changing our shift differentials in an effort to encourage more people to try 2nd and 3rd.The 2nd shift differential will be $1.50 per hour over what you would make for the same job on 1st shift (an additional $3,120 annual if no over time).  The 3rd shift differential will now be $2.50 per hour (an additional $5,200 annually).   With over time, the annual dollar amounts rise significantly.   If 2nd or 3rd shift is an option for you, please see Rich or Atoka.


  1. The 2021 Corrugated Olympics (postponed from 2020) will begin at noon on Monday, October 18. I hope you all will participate.  We will have a lot of fun.  All events are 2 person competitions, so find yourself a teammate.   There is no need to sign up ahead of time and you can switch teammates throughout the Olympics.   There will be 6 or 7 events over the 2 weeks.  Bring a bag lunch and come join us, even if you just want to watch.  I will hold separate events for 2nd shift and Volk Pack.


  1. We have 7 new t-shirts for all plant associates. See Kara if you missed the meetings on Friday.  We will expect you to wear a Volk Packaging shirt to work.  It is fine to wear another Volk shirt if you have one, but the goal is to wear a Volk shirt to work every day.


  1. Flu shots will be available at Volk Packaging on October 13 from 9am-11am. Please sign up on the sign- up sheet or let Atoka know that you want to get a flu shot.