Derek’s outBOX – August 17, 2021

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  1. Yesterday, I got a call from XXX, a competitor in Massachusetts.  He had a lead for us from a Canadian company because they are totally maxed out and cannot take any more business.  I talked to the lady in Canada. She said she tried to place an order with her Canadian supplier and was told she could have plain RSCs . . . in November!   Wow.  These are crazy times.
  2. We are holding a raffle for potential employee to attend a Patriots game. It works like this:  Between now and September 10, anyone who applies for a job, and comes in for an interview has their name put in a hat for 2 Patriots tickets.   Hopefully this will at least get us some applications.
  3. Now, to be fair to the people who are already working here, I also bought 2 tickets for existing VPC associates. Every current VPC associate who shows up on-time every day between now and September 10 and has no unexcused absences will qualify to win 2 Patriots tickets for

Game 1: Patriots vs. Saints

Sunday, September 26th @ 1:00 PM

Section 136, Row 24, Seats 3 & 4

This is the approximate view from the seats

  1. We are having our annual Labor Day cookout on Sept 1. We will also honor Cindy Jackson, our Customer Service Rep who is retiring later that week.