Derek’s outBOX – March 29, 2021

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  1. I would like to apologize. The problem is that I am not even sure who I am apologizing to.    We have been growing so fast and hiring so many people, plus bringing in temps, that I no longer know everyone’s name and face. And the masks make it even worse.  So, if I introduce myself to you after we have already met, please do not take it personally.   We are working on another series of Breaking Breads, which is a one-on-one meal with me.   That should help me get to know you better and be able to say hello by name.  In the meantime, thank you all for being here and working hard even if I do not know who you are yet.


  1. We have some very exciting news on the customer front. Chuck took ZZZ back from a competitor and Brian pulled in two potentially major customers- XXX and YYY.   We will see what the volume is, but both accounts represent a nice chunk of business. 


  1. Today is Vietnam Veteran’s Day. As far as I know, only John McLean in our accounting department is a Vietnam Veteran.  Also, John Jeffers, who worked here for 42 years, was in Vietnam.   To those two great men and the countless others that may be your friends or family, we thank you. 


  1. March was a huge month for sales. In fact, it was the biggest single month in the history of the company and it was the biggest quarter in the history of the company.  Last 1st Quarter was also a company record, but things changed very quickly when we had to “take 14 days to flatten the curve.”   Hopefully, we are not thrown any similar surprises in 2021 and it will be a fantastic year from front to back.