Derek’s outBOX – June 21, 2021

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  1. We have created a list of 10 ways to improve your email etiquette. Many of us get buried with emails.   This list is a way to cut down on the massive amounts of emails that clutter our in-boxes every day. VPC EMAIL ETIQUETTE


  1. Please complete the surveys for the Best Places to Work in Maine and mail them in or bring them to the office to mail. You could also give them to a supervisor.  It is very important that we get as many completed as possible, so we are not disqualified from the contest.  And please be honest.   I would rather get your true opinions than win.  We want to be the best company we can be so if we are falling short on anything we would like to know.


  1. I want to remind everyone that our condo in Costa Rica is available to any VPC associate who would like to use it. It is 3 bedrooms and there is so much fun stuff to do.   You get yourself down there and the condo is free.   If you are interested to go in 2021 or 2022 just let me know and I can send you an email with all the details or come talk to me.  I hope a lot of you take me up on it.  It is a truly amazing place that I would love to share.


  1. The feed section for the flexo is on the way. I do not have an ETA yet.


  1. The die-cutter project is coming along, and we are nailing down the details. Realistically, we should plan for some time in early 2022 before it is up and running.   We have a lot of other changes in the works as well so I will try to keep you updated.


  1. We have season tickets for the Portland Sea Dogs. If anyone wants a game, just let me know. There are 4 tickets right over the visitor dugout.


  1. Finally, I want to officially congratulate Michael Forbes. I have been in the role of Sales Manager since 1996.   The problem is, with everything going on, I am not very good at it anymore and need help.  Michael has graciously agreed to take on that role.   We need to hire a sales rep for western NH and VT to take over his customers and then he will be full-time Sales Manager, which I am very excited about.  It will be a huge burden off my shoulders, it will make the sales team stronger, and it will help us drive forward with all the goals and plans we have for Volk Packaging.   So, if you see Michael, please congratulate him.