Derek’s outBOX – July 23, 2021

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  1. I know I begin a lot of outBOX announcements this way, but I want to again thank everyone for your hard work. We are trying really hard to hire more people so we can grow, while giving you all more time off.  If you know any living human who might want a job, please send them our way.  We also have a referral program, which Tori and Atoka can give you information on.


  1. My daughter’s cheer team is doing a car wash fundraiser tomorrow in Saco just over the bridge. I will leave the tickets by the door.  If you want a car wash tomorrow, grab one on your way out.


  1. Our new website is due to launch on Monday. It has been a long and tedious project, so we are excited to be close to the conclusion.


  1. We are thrilled to announce that we have hired a new sales rep for Vermont. His name is Lane and he will start August 9.   You’ll probably see him during his training.   Hiring a dedicated sales rep for Vermont will allow Michael Forbes to take over as Sales Manager.   I have been the Sales Manager since 1996. It will be terrific to have some fresh ideas and new energy helping the sales team.


  1. We have ordered almost everything we need to surround the new die-cutter. Everything is so backlogged these days that we are hoping everything arrives somewhat close to on-time.  I am not expecting the die-cutter until January so anything prior to that will be a bonus.


  1. I was putting together the invitation to the Five-Year Club party on September 11 yesterday. I pulled up some stats.   For years we have had somewhere between 65%-70% of VPC associates in the Five-Year Club.  However, given the fact that we have almost 50 people on the current payroll that were hired in 2019, 2020 or this year, that percentage is down to a lower, but still impressive, 48%.   While looking at the data, I noticed that we have 9 people who have worked at Volk Packaging for at least half their life.  This year, Jeremy Poitras joins that group.   Can you guess who the other 8 are?

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