Derek’s outBOX -January 27, 2021

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  1. We have another case of COVID so we are starting to be hit pretty hard. This means everyone needs to be extremely careful and follow all the protocols.    I have said this many times, but it is worth repeating, YOU are your best defense against getting COVID. 


  1. I want to make something very clear to everyone. Business is booming, which is a good thing.  Lead-times are longer than we want them to be, which is not so good.  We need everyone to come to work if you are feeling well and have not been directly exposed to COVID.  However, in no way do I or will I ever put getting boxes out the door over the health and safety of the VPC associates.  If I ever give you that impression, please call me on it.   I am very concerned about missing deliveries and letting customers down but that pales in comparison to my concern about your well-being.  I have a job to do and that job is to sell and make boxes, but I apologize if I ever gave anyone the impression that moving boxes was more important than the people making the magic happen. 


  1. On a more positive note, in honor of our 12th straight year of sales growth, I got everyone some hats. They will be over at the door, so please grab one on your way out.   We purchased a limited supply, so please just take one. 


  1. The final 2 have been decided for the VPC Football Pool.   Mike’s son, Kyle Dembrowski, will face off against an old family friend and former Harvard Pilgrim rep, Steve Conley, to decide the 2020-2021 VPC Football Pool.