Derek’s outBOX-January 22, 2021

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Happy National Polka Dot Day! :::::::::::::::::::::::

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The winner of the Polka Dot Day competition is Libby Comings!!


  1. The Horse Race Competition is heating up. Brian is still in the lead with 9, followed by Russ and Steve at 7 and Shane with 4. 


  1. Volk Packaging has been named the Biddeford/Saco Chamber of Commerce “Large Business of the Year.” We posted a video about it on the Volk Packaging Fans Facebook page and would love if everyone Shared it. This is most definitely a team award that everyone can be proud of so thank you all for the great work you do!     


  1. As you probably heard, our COVID free streak has ended. We knew it was not going to last forever.   I am extremely proud of the fact that we made it all the way through 2020.  We will continue to keep everyone updated with any news about COVID and we will address it with each person who may be impacted.  In the meantime, again, please follow all our safety protocols.  Remember, YOUR ACTIONS are your best defense against getting COVID.