Derek’s OutBOX-January 18, 2021 (MLK Day)

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  1. Congratulations to this weekend’s VPC Football Winners-Last week all of the Volks (Derek, Judd, Ethan and Brian Volk) were eliminated. This weekend all the remaining VPC associates were eliminated.   The four remaining players advance to the Divisional Championships.
  2. We had several terrific 6-Word Challenge submissions.  


Honorable Mentions:

“Volk Packaging kicked COVID’s ass, 90-0!”

“Repurposed the closet to hoard sanitizer.”

“Last year was ruled by fear.”

“VPC, our best worst year ever.”

“Under that face mask, keep smiling.”

“Wow! A complete f’ing s**t show!”

“Millions infected, waiting turn for injection.”

“New best friends, Charmin and Scott.”


The Runner-up is Tori Beal with “One undercooked bat changed the world.”

The Winner is Phil DeWolfe who submitted, “Stick this year up your rear.”

3. This Friday is National Polka Dot Day so whoever has the best polka dotted clothes on Friday wins a $25 gas card.

4. Lastly, if 2020 taught us anything, it is that Martin Luther King, Jr.’s goals for our country are still relevant. I will leave you with this powerful quote: