Derek’s outBOX-January 14, 2021

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  1. I have some exciting sales news.  Chuck is close to getting our first order from xxx (knock on wood)!  If you have been watching the news you have seen that they have received xx, and those are the products we have been repackaging, so you can imagine how many boxes they will need.  It has been torture seeing all those boxers with someone else’s cert stamp! We do not know how much of the business we will get but if it is like most companies, once we get in with an order it is not long before they want to give us a lot more business. 


  1. We have an update on the Sales Horse Race that many of you have wagers on.

              Brian is in the lead with 9 followed closely by Russ and Steve with 7.

  1. Someone gave me a fun calendar that has a holiday for every day of the year. Friday is National Hat Day so wear your favorite hat to work on Friday.

  1. In 2018 I took a one-year class, once a month, called Crestcom Bullet Proof Management. I was so impressed with the program, I signed Atoka, Gary and Kelli up in 2019, Dan and Lori Lareau in 2020 and now Cody Sevigny (2nd shift supervisor) and Travis Trembly (VolkPack Fulfillment Center Manager) are starting the Crestcom program for 2021.  Everyone has tremendously benefitted from the lessons.  For those who have not heard, Volk Packaging was nominated by the local instructors for a big award and we found out this week that we are a finalist for their 2020 Global Leadership Award.  This is an international award. Crestcom is taught in 60 countries around the world, so getting named as one of the top 3 finalists worldwide is a big deal.  The winner will be announced in February.