Derek’s outBOX – February 3, 2021

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  1. There has been some interesting industry news that could positively impact Volk Packaging. A competitor sold their plant and the new owner is walking away from some of their business.   Some of those customers are calling us, which provides us a nice opportunity.   Also, another competitor is telling customers their lead-time is 3-4 months!  That makes our 2-3 weeks look pretty darn good!  


  1. Packaging Corporation of America announced a $70/TON price increase effective March 1. Westrock and IP have already jumped on-board. If the increase sticks, we will likely see a big influx of business in April and early May.


  1. Atoka found a program called Working Advantage. We signed up and our code is VOLKBOXES.   I will leave flyers near the door (and attach to this email).    You can go to the Working Advantage website to register under Volk Packaging and maybe save some money when buying certain things.


  1. For the first time since just after we moved to this building, we have exceeded 100 associates. We are continuing to grow so I guess we will be over 100 for a while.  It doesn’t really mean anything to you, but it just kind of a cool piece of historical VPC info.


  1. Tomorrow is National Homemade Soup Day. If you want to make some soup to bring in to share that would be fun.  Also, Samantha Harden (in the office) is creating a little collection of VPC Homemade Soup recipes so if you have one send it to or bring it up to Sam by Feb 22.


  1. We are doing a big campaign to go after plant boxes so hopefully this Spring we will have some nice plant box orders for the die-cutter.