Derek’s outBOX-February 10, 2021

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  1. Congratulations to the 29th Annual VPC Pool winner Kyle Dembrowski. It is Kyle’s first VPC Pool Championship.   The 30th annual VPC Football Pool will start again in September.  All are welcome to play.   


  1. We continue to be an essential business in the fight against COVID. We just sold boxes to the RI Department of Health who are using the boxes to pack up and send test kits around the state. 


  1. Happy National Flannel Day!   Congratulations to the winner of the Flannel contest, Amy Orr.  I couldn’t pick a winner so I did it randomly by just picking a name from all the people who participated. 


  1. We have some exciting possibilities on the Fulfillment business, known as Volk Pack. It could become much bigger.  That is good news for everyone!

     Apparently even Peter Pan has to follow COVID protocols.  😊