Derek’s outBOX – April 28, 2021

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  1. There is a lot happening here at Volk Packaging these days, especially with our associates. Between all the new Volk team members and the temps that come and go, and the Volk Pack fulfillment center moving to Sanford, I am struggling to figure out how to stay in touch with everyone.  There is an app that I would love all VPC associates to sign up for.  It is a simple video app you download to a smart phone that will allow me to do my outBOX so no one misses it.   You can watch it live or later in the day, depending on when I do it and what you are doing at that moment.  I have flyers for you to take which walk you through signing up.  It is very simple and easy to use.   I have found it is the best way to communicate to all my sales reps.  Unlike an email or text, you get tone, pitch, facial expressions and all the other non-verbal parts of communication.   And for those who took Atoka’s VP U class, you know that the words we use are as little as 7% of our communication.  Please grab a Marco Polo instruction sheet and please sign up.  
  2. As many of you have seen, Amy and I have been bringing our puppy to work. Sweet Caroline is adorable, but she has a habit of peeing when she gets excited to see someone.  So, if you see Caroline, as tempting as it is to reach down and pat her, please ignore her for 15-20 seconds.  And then when you do talk to her, use a low tone at first to keep her bladder’s enthusiasm down.   Once she seems to have settled, you can start talking to her like we all like to speak to cute puppies. Hopefully, this will help with the peeing and save Volk Packaging money on paper towels.  😊
  3. We now have the keys to the new building in Sanford, which will be our location for Volk Pack, as well as warehouse overflow. We have received some terrific publicity for it including on TV, and in newspapers and industry magazines.  I even heard it during the news on a local radio station.  Here are some links:

Channel 13 surprised us with a request for an interview.


Maine Biz published a very nice article as well.


The Seacoast On-Line newspaper