Derek’s outBOX – April 16, 2021

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  1. Statistic: US producers made 4% more cardboard in 2020 than the previous year due to higher demand for shipping boxes. Might not sound like a lot, but that increase is equivalent to 477 square miles of corrugated board, enough to cover the area from Portland to Wells!
  2. For all of those with volkboxes email addresses, PCG is starting to send out alerts to change your password. Due to the increase in hacking and identity fraud, this will happen quarterly.   I know it is a pain to change passwords so often, but we must stay a step ahead of the hackers. 
  3. For those who are members of the 5 Year Club, the party will be here at Volk Packaging on Saturday, September 11. Please save the date, as we would like everyone who has been here at least 5 years to attend.   We have an incredible 18 honorees this year so it should be a great night of celebration.  Invitations will be handed out in early summer.
  4. The winner of the hearing test contest, naming all the parts of the ear, was Jeremy Anderson. Atoka has a $50 gift card for him.  Congratulations Jeremy and thank you to all who participated. 
  5. It is getting warmer, so I am sure many of you would love to take your masks off. Bring us your vaccine card showing that you have been administered at least the first COVID vaccine and you will be allowed to take off your mask.   Also, if you have had both shots and would like your vaccine card laminated, Kara or Atoka would be happy to do that for you.  The few people who had COVID and recovered can also remove their masks if they like.
  6. Have a great weekend!